Repair services

Throughout it's life furniture take a lot of stress and there comes a time when it may need some renovation to bringing it back to functional full use. Chairs are the most common pieces to need repair as in the examples shown below.

These chairs were part of a set from the Philippines early in the last century and the joints had become loose with age. The repairs had to be done without damaging the weaving.

On this chair from the 60s one of the rockers had been broken and was was replaced

The arm of this vintage oak swivel office chair was broken and needed a new section making, at the same time the old worn castors were replaced.

Not all furniture is worth the cost of repair but some, for reasons that it is special in some way, deserve to be repaired. If you have a piece of furniture that is deserving of some tender repair send me a picture and I will let you know if a repair realistic option or not.

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