Art Deco Inspired Bookends

These bookends made from various hardwoods have steel plates embedded in the bases to make them less likely to slide Plus a felt underside so so they can be used on polished surface.
Size: 4in wide, 6.5in long and 7in high

#1 Jarrah with English Elm, Zetoba, Zebrawood

#2 Hard Maple with Walnut and Jarrah

#3 Hard Maple with Walnut and Bubinga

#4 Mahogany with Maple, English Elm, Padauk, Jarrah and Walnut

#5 Mahogany with Jarrah and Jatoba

#6 Padauk with Jarrah and Afromosia

#7 Padauk with Bubinga and Jatoba

#8 Beech with Afromosia and Wenge

#9 Beech with Zebrawood

#10 Beech with Zebrawood

Other wood combinations are available; Custom designs also available.